You Served Us. Now It’s Our Turn.

Get Started With Our Six Step Process

  1. Initial 30 Minute Meeting
  2. Private Review
  3. Follow-Up Meeting
  4. Signing Up As A Jan Pro Franchise
  5. Training & Preparation
  6. Opening The Doors

Use The Skills You Learned In The Military & Apply Them To Running Your Own Successful Business.

Are you a veteran who is interested in starting your very own JAN-PRO® franchise in the Western Carolinas? VetConnectionSM franchise program is JAN-PRO’s fully customized cleaning franchise opportunity specially designed for veterans. Utilizing similar skill sets and methods learned in the military, a veteran can build a successful business with VetConnectionSM.

JAN PRO VetConnection

JAN-PRO® offers military veterans like you a special franchise opportunity. All you need to get started is your DD 214 and a desire to be your own boss.

Unique benefits of VetConnectionSM include:

  • Discounts of up to 20%, depending on franchise plan selected & the amount of cash put down as the initial fee
  • VetConnection© Vouchers redeemable on JAN-PRO approved cleaning equipment and supplies
  • Complete JAN-PRO® training, full support services, and even customers – so no selling is required
  • A business opportunity tailored to candidates with military training and experience.

Franchise Direct Global Award 2018