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Commercial Cleaning Services in the Western Carolinas

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Glen Link via google+

"Jan-Pro-The Western Carolinas has done us very well. I have found them to be very thorough in their work. I really appreciate that management periodically stopping by to check on us and to see for themselves the work that is being done. Anytime there have been concerns they we addressed immediately. Dependable, thorough, courteous, consistent. Thanks Jan-Pro-The Western Carolinas for providing a service that you don't have to wonder where it got done right or not. I recommend Jan-Pro-The Western Carolinas to my friends and business partners."

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Doug Lloyd via google+

"Very professional friendly service, I would recommend them to any small business like ours."

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Evan Hill via google+

"Everything about the Jan-Pro way of doing things has been exceptional. From providing their own supplies to an excellent system of quality assurance, the value our church has received since switching to Jan-Pro 18 months ago has been enormous.

The team that services our buildings is timely, efficient, and thorough in their cleaning. Great company!"

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Tamara Adell via google+

"I have owned a janitorial service in the past and cleaned many medical offices in the area. When I saw that Jan Pro's equipment was the same that we had used, I was very impressed.

I also appreciate that they use "Green" products so patients allergies are not stimulated. We immediately saw a difference in our office the first night they cleaned. I really like the log book for communication and I always get a response. I was also impressed by the pricing of their paper products. I am thrilled that we made the switch!"

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Pam Grubbs via google+

"We have used this company for years to clean our office and have been very satisfied. Always on time and courteous, great job cleaning in an efficient manner."

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Kenneth Baxter via google+

"Jan-Pro service has my church as a client, we terminated our last company to sign up with Jan-Pro. On the first meeting to discuss what we needed and what Jan-Pro could do for us to make sure this experience will be far better than any others and gave us contact numbers to call with out problems. We even fill out an evaluation weekly to handle any problems that may arise and take of them before they can be large ones.

The supervisor calls me regularly just to make sure we are satisfied, the supervisor on the job site text me every other week to make sure we are happy with their work. I love the promptness that minor problems or misunderstanding are handled quickly. My church is very satisfied with the work they do."

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Luann Street via google+

"Jan-Pro has been a phenomenal find in our search for a cleaning service for our medical practice. We so appreciate their attention to detail and follow up. Their prices are great too! Highly recommend them to anyone. The 'green' aspect is an added bonus to a great team! Thanks Jan-Pro!"

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Paul E. Johnson via google+

"I pastor a church in Greenville and we have contracted with Jan-Pro to clean our church. Their employees are prompt and do an excellent job. We look forward to a long working relationship with Jan-Pro."

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Christian Anchia via google+

"Jan-Pro of Western Carolinas have done a tremendous job for our office! They follow up on a consistent basis, give us pads to leave suggestions or notes, and they follow through with exactly what they are ask to do. Excellent customer service and staff!!!"

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